Is DMG the Missing Piece in Your Metabolic Puzzle?

Metabolism refers to all of the chemical reactions that make the cells of your body work. When it comes to health issues like fatigue, catching colds frequently or even memory loss, one wonders perhaps the reason for our problem might be due to a missing piece or link in our metabolic makeup or dietary imbalance.

The cells of our body run on a series of chemical reactions to make a given product. However, if one of those chemical steps lacks a key enzyme or ingredient then the finished product doesn’t get produced.

Each step or reaction in any biological process requires specific starting materials and a catalyst (enzymes) in order for the reaction to work properly.  If the enzyme is made incorrectly or if there is insufficient starting materials or building blocks to begin with, the reaction will not take place efficiently.

With this in mind, could there be a missing piece in your nutritional puzzle that could give rise to a significant health problem?

We can also understand this principle when we consider the role of vitamins in our diet like vitamin C. Vitamins are essential cofactors in our diet that are needed in small amounts for the prevention of deficiency diseases. Vitamin C, for instance, prevents scurvy from developing as it’s a cofactor in the reactions that produce our connective tissues in the body.

Let’s consider another example of the Methylation cycle. It’s an important reaction process in the body that requires many nutrients to work like DMG (Dimethylglycine).

Methylation reactions provide methyl groups to our healthy cells which balances our mood, aids the body in removing toxins and helps fight infections.  When methylation is working, you’ll be full of energy, in a good mood and generally feel well. When it is not working properly, you may end up feeling tired, depressed, sick or just plain toxic.

Now DMG is a molecule that provides the methyl groups to keep the methylation process working.  Without adequate methyl groups, the whole reaction sequence would fail. For some individuals, DMG could be the missing piece of the metabolic puzzle to help prevent a health problem.

DMG Case Studies

There are many real-world examples that demonstrates DMG’s effectiveness.  When given as a supplement, DMG gave rise to numerous health benefits for the following individuals.

One case involved a six-year-old autistic child who had only spoken a few words in her life. Her mother decided to give her a 125 mg DMG tablet based on a friend’s recommendation. The next morning, the child totally surprised her mother by going to her bedside early in the morning and saying “Wake up mommy, it’s time to get up.”

The child began to communicate in other ways that not only surprised her mother but her teacher who reported greater awareness, eye contact, and language.  It appeared that DMG was a missing piece in her ability for her brain to organize and express words. DMG also improved the child interactive social contact with others much to the delight of her mother. (Source: Autism Research Institute Newsletter- vol 6, 1992)

Another next case involved a 22-year old man who experienced a dramatic reduction in his seizure frequency after using DMG as a nutritional supplement. For six months prior to using the DMG, he was experiencing from 16 to 18 generalized seizures a week while making no changes in his medication.

After he started taking 90 mgs of DMG twice per day, the number of seizures dropped to three per week, an 83 % reduction in frequency.  Twice over a period of time, he stopped taking the DMG and the result was that he had a dramatic increase in his seizure activity. His doctor was so impressed by DMG’s action in reducing his seizures that he published this case study in the medical literature. (Source:  New England J. of Med. Vol 307, p1081 (1982)

Finally, this last case centered on a four-year-old boy, Andrew, who had major behavioral issues with anger and frustration. He’d throw a tantrum after being corrected or given instructions from his parents or teachers. In school, he’d head-butt other students and cause major disruptions in class. At home, he would have to be physically restrained in order for his mother to brush his teeth. It was at this time they began to use DMG.

His grandmother noted an incredible change in attitude after giving him a DMG supplement. He became very cooperative and would allow himself to be brushed with no fuss. This was repeated over several nights where he would protest strongly having his teeth brushed until he was given the DMG which seemed to act within minutes to change his negative attitude and behavior.

The problems at school essentially disappeared and he began to act like a typical 4-year-old and responded to correction appropriately. At home, he could now be reasoned with and also reacted properly to instructions or guidance.

It appears that DMG was acting like a missing piece of the puzzle in Andrew’s metabolic pathways which allowed him to have more self- control over his outbursts of anger and frustration. DMG’s effect was fast acting and could bring about a change in attitude in only a short period of time.

The three cases above demonstrate the dramatic effect DMG can have on cognitive and brain function in individuals whose neurological pathways were lacking the important metabolic contribution that DMG can make. In these individuals, DMG was an essential part of their daily nutritional intake and helped them to function at a much higher level.

Could DMG be a missing link in your metabolic puzzle?

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